JM Generals Travel Essentials Gift Box

JM Generals Travel Essentials Gift Box


The Travel Essentials Gift Box Set contains Goat's Milk Lotion, Shampoo & Conditioner all in our bright, fresh "Evergreen" scent, in an easily transportable 2 oz clear plastic bottle, for those moments when you need our Goat's Milk lotion on the move and for weekend trips away.

The J. M. GENERALS Lotion, Shampoo and Conditioner are free of silicones, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and colors. Suitable for all hair types. For external use only. Test on small spot of skin, stop use if irritation occurs.

Packaging 100% Recyclable. 

Approximate weight: 16.5 oz - 460 g

Box size: 5" x 5" x 1.5"

Made in U.S.A

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